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Lithia Spring Water Co


Information sourced from Wikipedia definition of Lithia Water. (Wikipedia- Lithia Water)


Ancient Native American Healing Spring

Lithia Springs GA, the city, was founded by the popular health benefits of Lithia Spring Water in 1882. Since ancient times people have made pilgrimages to Lithia Springs to drink its health-giving water. At the site of this ancient Indian Healing Spring are the ruins of a prehistoric period stone temple that has survived both time and urban development. What remains of a great temple complex are ancient ruins that give evidence to the significance of this sacred health- giving spring. The builders of this forgotten ancient wonder of the world are unknown, they and their civilization have been buried by the sands of time. The archaeological evidence we have discovered at the spring site are the ancient ruins of the American Mound Builders civilization, who flourished in Georgia thousands of years ago. These ancient stone temple builders left behind their wisdom and knowledge on the surface of the giant animals (effigies) carved from granite boulders who stand guard over the springs. Perhaps, this megalithic temple was built by as a timeless beacon calling out, through the sands of time, to future generations of health seekers to come drink Mother Earth's health elixir.

Historic Lithia Spring Water

What makes Lithia Spring Water so special is its ancient spring source and its defined type of mineral water, a Lithia Water (see the video above). Lithia Water is a rare type of water that has had many independent research studies conducted on its positive health effects for both body and mind. Natural Lithia Spring Waters are extremely scarce, there are only a few commercially bottled Lithia Spring Water products in the world. In fact, Lithia Spring Water, sourced from Lithia Springs Georgia, is one of the only USA natural Lithia Water products you will find. The other "Lithia water" products are man-made, processed tap water or spring water with lithium added. What makes Lithia Spring Water even more special is its extremely ancient history. Here's a little bit of history: From the 1880s to World War I the consumption for bottled Lithia mineral water reached epic proportions. The most premium of all the mineral spring water brands was natural Lithia spring water because of their acclaimed health benefits that were supported by doctors and pharmacies throughout the United States. One of the first commercially sold Lithia waters in the United States was bottled at Lithia Springs, Georgia in 1888.

Primordial ~ Lithia Spring Water Source

Lithia Mineral Spring Water's delicious taste, rare mineral composition, purity, and health-enhancing properties are indeed a rare gift from Mother Nature. The spring is part of the Stone Mountain, GA geological pluton formation that was formed at the time of the  Blue Ridge Mountain around 300-350 million years ago. At the site of the spring, beneath the earth, is a mountain of quartz monzonite granite where deep within the earth's crust is the source of the spring. As the water journeys upward to the world's surface it becomes potentized with nutritionally beneficial ionic minerals, elements, and telluric energy. Once it reaches the earth's surface the water has been enriched and energized with ionic micro-nutrients and telluric energy. Geological science suggests that Lithia Spring Water may come from a primordial source. Primordial mineral spring water is extremely rare and can be ascertained by the fact that the water contains virtually no nitrates. Nitrates are an organic mineral compound marker that denotes water exposed to the earths surface (water shed). Lithia Spring Water contains no nitrates, therefore the springs water does not originate from the outside world's toxic watershed, but from a primordial pristine source deep within the earth's crust.

It should be noted: Lithia Spring Water contains naturally occurring trace amounts of Lithium (Li3), a primordial element (or, more properly, primordial nuclides ) produced in Big Bang nucleosynthesis.

1887 Historic Spring House

The spring and its pristine health-enhancing water are protected from the outside environment by a vintage 1887 spring house. This vintage building was designed with a technology of the period to protect the pristine primordial mineral spring water from the outside world's ground water and contaminants. Inside the vintage spring house, there is an ancient wonder to behold. After the pristine water journeys through miles of cracks and fissures deep within the earth it reaches it destination, the Lithia Spring House. Hewed from granite rock, by the ancients thousands of years ago, the pristine primordial spring water flows into a large medicine bowl that is at the bottom of giant basin. The giant basin is approximately 25' deep x 15' x 12' wide and is truly an ancient marvel to behold. The basin's pristine potentized primordial Lithia Water is cold and its deliciously sweet taste is refreshing. Lithia Spring Water is freshly drawn directly from the ancient basin and produced in small batches to assure it retains its freshness, purity, delicious taste and potency.

Raw Lithia Water ~ Sanitized ~ Pure ~ Safe

Lithia Spring Water is unaltered, organic sanitized water that retains its natural potency, mineral composition, and delicious taste.

Lithia Spring Water is 100% naturally pure, food safe, and Raw unaltered. We comply with all FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) and GDA (Georgia Department of Agriculture) rules and regulations to assure 100% food safety for human consumption. Our production and sanitation processes are technologically advanced and different than must commercially bottled water brands. First; we don't sanitize our water with Ozone, a super oxidant. Ozonation can alter the natural properties of some water. Second; our sanitation process is innovative and 100% effective because it uses space-age antimicrobial nano-filtration technology (developed by NASA) and Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology to assure there are no organic or biological contaminants. Out Lithia Spring Water is truly all-natural raw sanitized, it's like drinking right from our ancient Native American Indian healing spring. In addition, to guaranteed purity and food safety, Lithia Spring Water undergoes an extensive annual analysis by FDA certified laboratory, to assure the tests meet the highest EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) safety standards. These bi-annual mandatory water analysis test for potential contaminants, heavy metals, radiological, and a long list of harmful toxins. These extensive water analysis also require testing for all the naturally occurring minerals and other properties of the water to assure 100% food safety compliance. In addition, we run small batches directly drawn from the ancient spring and test each batch to assure the highest standards of purity and food safety. Since it was first bottled and tested in 1888 Lithia Spring Water's high mineral composition and pristine purity have been amazingly consistent and food safe. Lithia Spring Water is pristine, natural,l and safe for even a child to drink.


Freshly drawn from our ancient Native American Indian healing spring Fresh, Pristine, Delicious and Health-Enhancing

Atlanta's Famous Mineral Spring Water

Lithia Spring Water flows from an ancient Native American Indian healing spring where for thousands of years people journeyed to drink its healthful water. Since 1888 this health enhancing mineral spring water has been bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. You can now order home or office delivery direct from the source, Lithia Springs GA.

1887 Congress of Physicians Lithia Springs 1887
In October 1887, the Congress of Physicians held their annual conference at the site of Lithia Springs, Georgia. Historical records show that prestigious doctors of the day prescribed Lithia Spring Water as a general health tonic. It is a historic fact that many doctors of the period used natural remedies to address health issues.
Lithium is Considered a Mineral Nutrient
The World Health Organization has recognized Lithium as a mineral nutrient for human health and well-being. The United States does not recognize Lithium as a nutrient. However, a large body of Scientific research has shown that lithium taken in trace amounts is highly beneficial for human health and well-being.
Organic All-Natural Lithia Spring Water
Did you know that almost all bottled water brands use Ozone, a super oxidant, to sanitize their bottled water? Lithia Spring Water is sanitized using space age technologies to achieve the highest standards of sanitized safe water without the use of Ozone and without altering the the organic natural composition or properties of the water.

Lithia Spring Water is a superb High Ionic Mineral content water that is beneficial for human health and well-being.

* Indian medicine Spring" is a historic term used to define Native American sacred health-giving springs- documented in the Lewis and Clark Expedition Journals 1804 -1806