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Natural Alkaline Lithia Spring Water

The higher the pH intake of certain man-made pH waters and foods above 7.5 may not necessarily increase your health, indeed it may have a negative impact on your digestive system and overall health. Did you know that in order to support life, the body must maintain a proper acid/alkaline (pH) balance? The optimum pH of the blood is somewhat alkaline, 7.3-7.4. Only in this range is the blood ideally supplied with oxygen. If the blood pH goes over 7.44, there is a risk of developing degenerative conditions. If this balance cannot be maintained, the body will begin to break down and die. The body is constantly at work maintaining this perfect pH balance range. The popular thought is that the more Alkalinity in the water the better it is for you. This may not be true. Lithia Spring Water is a 100% all-natural 7.2 to 7.4 pH alkaline mineral water created by mother earth. When you drink Lithia Spring Water the naturally balanced alkaline minerals retain their alkalinity creating an alkaline buffer system for your body that researchers suggest may be beneficial to your health. The basic benefits of drinking natural alkaline mineral spring waters are what some researchers term building the "alkaline buffer system" that may assist in reversing an acidic condition in the body while retaining the body's natural pH balance.

Natural Alkaline Water vs Man-made

Mother nature makes the perfec balanced alkaline mineral waters for the human body, but many companies keep trying to make synthetic alkaline water by altering the H20 molecule with electrolysis or adding colloidal alkaline minerals. Isn't it apparent that our synthetic waters may not be as healthy as natural waters? It is true, that the body functions like cellular respiration may produce acidic waste products. Under normal circumstances, the body can remove these waste products without greatly affecting overall pH. The problem, however, arises when people eat and drink almost exclusively acid-producing foods and drinks instead of naturally alkalizing fruits, raw vegetables, and drinking mineral water. The body may then produce more acidic waste than it can handle, and then the body becomes acidic.

Drinking a natural alkaline Mineral Water may possibly help reduce the acidic condition in the body. Natural alkaline minerals found in mineral waters have benefits typically associated with an alkaline diet. When synthetic alkaline water, that has no alkaline minerals, are exposed to the high powerful digestive acids of the stomach they loose their alkalinity. On the other hand, natural mineral waters that contain alkaline minerals survie the digestive acids and go through the digestive system. This is one reason why Europeans prefer natural mineral water instead of synthetic alkaline water made from processed tap water (see illustration below).

Your body is basically a biological reactor whose interactions require a stable balanced concentration of hydrogen ions, Acid–base homeostasis. According to the book The A to Z of Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements, "Ionic trace minerals have the ability to maintain and even improve acid-base balance in your body. Should your body become overly acidic or alkaline, this imbalance can adversely affect the molecular structure of proteins in your body. This imbalance will not only damage the proteins but also can alter your cell functions." Alkaline Mineral Spring Water, that contains alkaline minerals, may assist your body to restore its alkaline balance. Lithia Spring Water is a Natural nutrient rich alkaline mineral spring water that supplies a full spectrum of ionic minerals and trace elements. Natural Mineral waters are naturally balanced alkaline minerals, because they are created by mother earth, unlike man-made alkaline water.

Lithia Spring Water, a superb natural source of ionic alkaline micro-nutrients for body and mind health.

Did You Know?

Lithia Spring Water flows from an ancient native American *Indian medicine spring where for thousands of years people journeyed to drink its health-giving water. Since 1888 this health enhancing mineral spring water has been bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. You can now order home or office delivery direct from the source, Lithia Springs GA.

1874 Doctor Office, Lithia Springs GA
For well over 60 years Dr. Garret's small vintage house, made from native pine wood, was both his health clinic and a hospital. Dr. Garret believed in the health-giving properties of Lithia Spring Water and prescribed it for many types of ailments. The local people still drink Lithia Spring Water and they remember Dr. Garret, a true healer.
Lithia Mineral Spring Water Logo
Our Lithia Spring Water logo embodies the nostalgic era and the modern era. The logo depicts a human life force being refreshed inside a lithium atom. Look carefully there are 3 electrons with 2 forming inverted hearts. Scientific research suggests lithium may be an essential micro-nutrient for health and well-being.
Scientific Research Lithia Water
Lithia Water is defined as a mineral water that naturally contains trace amounts of Lithium (Li3). This type of water is one of the most independently scientifically researched mineral waters in the world, because of its health-giving properties that are well attested. The World Health Organization considers Lithium a mineral nutrient.

Lithia Spring Water is a superb High Ionic Mineral content water that is beneficial for human health and well-being.

* Indian medicine Spring" is an American pioneer term used to define Native American sacred health-giving springs- documented in the Lewis and Clark Expedition Journals 1804 -1806