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Ancient Stone Temple Ruins

Underneath the surface of the earth at Lithia Springs is one of the great ancient mesoamerican wonders of the world that have been uncovered, but never publicized. We have kept all of our discoveries private until now and what we have discovered is monumental. For untold millennium's people have journeyed to this ancient spring to drink its health enhancing Lithia Spring Water while they experienced the wonders of an ancient stone temple built by the ancients. In 1889 the Bowden water company, the first commercial bottlers of Lithia water ran a newspaper ad in New York City stating “come see the ancient ruins at Lithia Spring GA.” A few decades later much of the ancient ruins were dynamited to accommodate for the landscaping of a nine-hole golf course. For almost a century the “ancient ruins” of a lost civilization laid beneath the earth. The secrets of the ancient spring's stone temple were lost and forgotten, consumed by the earth and erased from memory. To-date, this ancient archaeological site has never been revealed to the world, until now!

America's Lost Civilizations

Most Americans have little or no knowledge of ancient North American Civilizations. In fact, they probably know more about ancient Egypt than ancient America. The Adena and Hopewell cultures who built the great mound pyramids in America over 4,000 years ago had agriculture, large cities, art, music, medicine and centralized governance. Recent archaeological discoveries place human habitations in Georgia (Topper Site) at over 50,000 years ago. These recent archaeological discoveries challenge the Clovis Theory and should one day rewrite the history books. What's this got to do with Lithia Springs, you may ask? It has everything to do with Lithia Springs as you will learn when you join the Lithia Springs Explorer Society. For many years we have been hard at work conducting archaeological excavations which have unearthed amazing discoveries. There is still much work to be done and great discoveries await us and we need help. We believe that these discoveries will be important contributions to our great nation's ancient past and its history. We also believe that those who join us will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

Lithia Springs Explorer Society

Recently, the ancient ruins of a fountain standing over 20 feet in height carved from solid granite, has been discovered at Lithia Springs. We believe that the geological, historic, artifact and scientific evidence discovered at Lithia Springs may prove Ponce de Leon's lost fountain of youth is not a myth but a historic fact. Since 1513 Ponce de Leon's fountain of youth has remained a legend shrouded in mystery and never discovered. Like so many historic legends, many people think they were just myths. However, brave explorers of the past proved that some myths were true by weathering great criticism, believing in their convictions and being persistent. These are the qualities of an explorer that lead them to make history changing discoveries. The story of Ponce de Leon is amazing, he was the first Conquistador to venture into the new world of the America. Imagine being a modern Indiana Jones, who with other explorers, venture where others have fear to go. Imagine discovering Ponce de Leon's historic fountain of youth! It seems an impossibility, but that's what makes exploring a true adventure because explorers dare to challenge the impossible. Join us, help us with our mission that includes: unearthing, exploring, researching, preserving, recording and protecting the ancient Lithia Springs and all its amazing wonders. Be prepared to have one of the greatest adventures of your life!


Lithia Mineral Spring Water, a superb natural source of ionic micro-nutrients for body and mind health.

Shipped direct from the medicine spring to you

Did You Know?

Lithia Medicine Spring Water flows from a legendary medicine spring where for thousands of years people journeyed to drink Mother Earth's elixir of life. Since 1888 this health enhancing water has been bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. You can now order home or office delivery direct from the source, Lithia Springs GA.

1874 Doctor Office, Lithia Springs GA
For well over 60 years Dr. Garret's small vintage house, made from native pine wood, was both his health clinic and a hospital. Dr. Garret believed in the medicinal properties of Lithia mineral spring water and prescribed it for many types of ailments. The local people still drink Lithia Spring Water and they remember Dr. Garret.
Since 1888 Home and Office Delivery
Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been shipped direct from its source. This year marks the 129th anniversary since Lithia Spring Water was first bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. Now, you can have delivered to your home one of the world's rarest and healthiest drinking waters, shipped directly from its source.
Scientific Research Lithium Longevity
In August 2011, the European Journal of Nutrition published a scientific study authored by University of Jena, Oita University Faculty of Medicine, Hiroshima Institute of Human Nutrition that concluded low-dose lithium found in Lithia waters promotes longevity in humans and metazoans. Lithia Spring Water is the fountain of youth.