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Ancient Archaeological Wonders

For years we have secretly been hard at work unearthing one of America's great lost ancient wonders. You simply can not imagine how difficult it has been. Considering that this area of Georgia has lush vegetation due to the summer's tropical heat, high humidity, rain fall, and the sunshine. We have literally removed a jungle that hid beneath it an ancient wonder of the world. All the digging was done by hand because no heavy equipment could be used, as great damage to the archaeological artifacts and structures would occur. So all the excavations have been by hand shovels and muscle power, this is why it has taken years. Many of our discoveries we have kept secret and very soon we will reveal some of these amazing discoveries. It is difficult to believe that very few Americans know anything about the ancient past of this land we now call America. Even more amazing are the incredible archaeological discoveries made in America that have been almost completely ignored by both the mainstream media and the archaeological community. We live in a new age of discovery and by joining Lithia Explores Society you can become apart of our adventure and discoveries.

Our goal is to build an Archaeological Park to help raise awareness about ancient America's past civilizations, the mound builders that thousands of years ago built America's great mound pyramids and our Smiling Turtle Step-Pyramid. For many years we have been hard at work excavating one of America's great archaeological discoveries of modern times. Every order of Lithia Spring Water sold helps pay for the cost of excavation, preservation, security and archaeological research. We need your help, so please join our Lithia Explores Society and drink Lithia Spring Water to refresh your body and mind. Join our Explorer Society, its Free, Fun, Educational, and Amazing! Be the first to have a guided tour of the Lithia Springs Archaeological Park GA when it opens to only the Lithia Explorers. Experience Lithia Spring Water, refresh your body and mind.


Our Smiling Turtle Guardian

There are many types of turtles that live at Lithia Turtle Sanctuary. Yes, they are cute and they are shy. The native Indians long ago called the land we live in today Turtle Island. The term originates mainly from oral tradition, in the tale of the westward travel of the Anishinaabe tribe on this land they knew as Turtle Island. The Turtle is also the universal symbol of Long life and health. For thousands of years, a Smiling Turtle carved from solid granite has beaconed health seeker to come drink mother natures elixir of health, Lithia Mineral Spring Water.

Our Giant Frog Rock

Once upon a time, the Giant Frog Rock was the most famous tourist attraction in Douglas County, GA. Everyone visited the Giant Frog Rock and took photos with it. Sadly, it now lays abandoned in the city of Austell's land, adjacent to Lithia Medicine Spring. About 15 years ago the Department of Transportation (DOT) wanted to dynamite Frog Rock so that they could elevate and widen the road. Single handed, Gleda James (pictured above), fought the DOT and won to preserve this ancient wonder for future generations.

Our Fire Bird Effigy

Standing on an ancient American step pyramid 25' above the ground Founder/Explorer Ian Simpson gestures to the ancient Fire bird effigy that he and his crew uncovered from the earth. About 10 years ago this ancient wonder was almost destroyed by the city who wanted to dynamite a path through Lithia Medicine Spring to build a sewer line. If it were not for local historian Gleda James the ancient fire bird would have been destroyed. Some say that the ancients carved this out of stone as a marker that points toward gold.

Did You Know?

Lithia Spring Water flows from an ancient native American *Indian medicine spring where for thousands of years people journeyed to drink its health-giving water. Since 1888 this health enhancing mineral spring water has been bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. You can now order home or office delivery direct from the source, Lithia Springs GA.

1887 Congress of Physicians Lithia Springs
In October 1887, the Congress of Physicians held their annual conference at the site of Lithia Springs, Georgia. Historical records show that prestigious doctors of the day prescribed Lithia Spring Water as a general health tonic. It is a historic fact that many doctors of the period used natural remedies to address health issues.
Since 1888 Home and Office Delivery
Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been shipped direct from its source. This year marks the 129th anniversary since Lithia Spring Water was first bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. Now, you can have delivered to your home one of the world's rarest and healthiest drinking waters, shipped directly from its source to you!
Smiling Turtle Effigy, Lithia Springs GA
A Giant smiling Turtle effigy has guarded over the springs for thousands of years beaconing those who sought its healing water. The ancient Americans believed the turtle is symbolic of long life and health and recent scientific research studies of lithium that naturally occur in Lithia water support this ancient wisdom.

Lithia Spring Water is a superb High Ionic Mineral content water that is beneficial for human health and well-being.

* Indian medicine Spring" is an American pioneer term used to define Native American sacred healing springs- documented in the Lewis and Clark Expedition Journals 1804 -1806