Lithia Spring Water


You don't have to be an Archaeologist

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  • There are many ancient wonders awaiting to be discovered at Lithia Springs, GA.

    Medicine bowls carved in huge boulders, giant fountain, giant stone animal effigies and artifacts are just some of the ancient wonders we have already discovered at Lithia Springs GA.

    Since Prehistoric times people journeyed to Lithia Springs to drink its health enhancing water.

    For thousands of years, a giant Smiling Turtle carved from granite has greeted health seekers visiting Lithia Springs. This native American ancient wonder symbolizes a water spirit that bestows long life and health to those who drink the Lithia water that flows from Lithia Springs.

    Ponce de Leon's lost fountain of youth is about to be discovered.

    Recently, the ancient ruins of a fountain standing over 20 feet in height have been discovered at Lithia Springs. We believe that the geological, historic, artifact and scientific evidence discovered at Lithia Springs may prove Ponce de Leon's lost fountain of youth is not a myth, but a historical fact. Join our Explorer Society, its Free, Fun, Educational, and Amazing.

    Explorer Society has three founding principles: Explore, Learn and Discover.

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Wow! I can't believe this is happening. All my life I have wanted to be part of an expedition that would discover something ancient and amazing. I am looking forward to a great adventure.

Helen Briar

I have lived in Stone Mountain and the Lithia Springs area for most of my life. I love the Lithia spring water because it makes me feel great, but being able to explore and discover ancient wonders, that blows my mind.

Adam Pearl

I signed up to become a Lithia Spring Explorer and I am so excited that I had to tell all my friends. I truly believe this is a one in a life time adventure. I can't want to experience the water too!.

Anete Brown